With a traditional navy blue design and a futuristic take on the Three Lions, Nike introduces a new away kit for the England team that unites modern detailing with a clean, classic head-to-toe look.

Set to be debuted by the men’s senior team against Germany on March 22, the kit is predominantly in shades of navy blue – a colour originally coined by the Royal Navy and last worn by England in 2012 – with bright flashes of a light blue harking back to the 1990 away shirt.


This shade of light blue highlights a re-imagined Three Lions crest on the shirt and shorts, set against a metallic silver that adds a contemporary edge to both crest and Swoosh. Reflecting these modern touches, innovation is at the heart of the new kit with proprietary Nike AeroSwift technology resulting in lightweight, high-performance apparel.

A black vertical stripe runs the length of the shirt and shorts, expanding when the player is in motion to help maximize ventilation and reveal a contrasting flicker in the same light blue that features in the crest and the linear sock graphics.

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  1. Chris

Uninspiring, unoriginal, bland. That's the kit, not the team, in this case.

  1. One-Punch Man

All downhill since Nike took over from Umbro.

  1. Mooseybaby

Do Nike actually bother employing any kit designers any more?

Virtually every team they sponsor has the same template and Nike wonder why their shirt sales are falling!...

  1. Chris    Mooseybaby

Designers? No. Pr? Yes. Just wait until the inevitable Nike masturbatory description along the lines of "a monochrome body tone indicates power and self-assurance, while blue indicates forward thinking and royalty, for a nation that thinks of itself as at the regal table of world football." I remember reading Nike's comment of the previous red away kit socks, "They bring a vibrant spark of contrast to the head-to-toe look and highlight the most dynamic part of the footballer's body, the lower legs, to accentuate speed."

  1. Johnny skids

Brilliant love it just been to jd sports to buy the whole kit and I'll be wearing it all day too

  1. Tim G    Johnny skids

Full-kit wanker.

  1. Footyfanatic

How exciting! Another shoulder template.

  1. Negative Creep

Looks like a training kit.

  1. LEB

Just no. England = White shirts navy/blue shorts at home. Red shirts and wihite shorts away. Even in the excesses of the Admiral era they got that right.

Nike just don't get football tradition.

  1. Jay72

Just the change the shorts to white, hello Scotland!

  1. Jambo

its the same template as the last kit, absolute disgrace. I will never buy another England kit as long as Nike make them.

  1. Ian Cruise

Nike are clueless when it comes to kit design. Same generic templates. The only time they got it right was the FA 150th anniversary shirt - the first one they produced. FA should buy out the contract and go back to Umbro and while they're at it go back to a plain white shirt, navy blue shorts, white socks for the home kit and a plain red shirt, white shorts and red socks for the away shirt. Traditional. It may even make the overpaid average players perform a bit better

  1. Jimwal40

It's nice but England shouldn't be playing in blue at least the socks aren't a random colour

  1. Juan Kossov.

Pointless third kit that will be worn maybe twice for contractual reasons,the only time it would be necessary would be if England played Paraguay or Croatia.The shirt itself looks like a training top and to stick with the same already overused template as the last one is a first for me,I really cannot remember when ANY team changed their kit but kept the template.
No doubt there will be two versions of this..the expensive one and the overpriced one for those 'less athletic' England fans. As I collect England shirts I shall wait a couple of months and pick one up on Ebay for a fiver.

  1. Juan kossov

Just realised its actually the away kit.Still crap though.

  1. James H

Nike are lazy, complacent and insipid.

  1. Funks

Same template as the previous red away kit... just changed the colours. What a great way to make money nike!

Absolute disgrace no thought given whatsoever!

  1. EdinburghSaint

So when England play Scotland in Glasgow, England will have to release another kit in red. England will not be able to wear their white shirts, as the white sleeves clash with Scotland's white sleeves, and this new away kit obviously clashes with Scotland's. So a third kit is inevitable. Brilliant!

  1. Footyfanatic    EdinburghSaint

Why would it be red? Surely Nike would take the opportunity to make England's 3rd kit in bright yellow or maybe fluorescent green.

  1. Chris    Footyfanatic

Nike reasoning: "...the fluorescent green pays homage to the mighty dragon that St. George once slayed..."

  1. JonPlym

I really hoped that this shirt would see some kind of originality, but once again we are let down by Nike.

It's a decent looking kit, but one that should have been released as a third kit 12 months ago alongside the current home and previous away combos... it's the same bloody template! Very very poor from Nike.

Even Adidas have overtaken Nike in the originality stakes... not that I'd like to see England in an adidas kit though!

Bring back Umbro!!!!!

  1. Juan kossov

According to Nike's own site this is England's third shirt

  1. andy d

at least the socks match

  1. Big Bad British Ann

God Bless this British kit

  1. Daniel-San

Just bore off Nike! Completely unoriginal. Boring colour scheme. No doubt will cost about 50 quid.

  1. Chris

Umbro please come back and make England proud to at least wear their country colours since we are crap on the pitch.

  1. JT

Do they make this in a long sleeved version?

  1. Blah Blah Blah

What an amazing futuristic take on the three lions!

  1. TRW

Nike doesn't even try anymore. Just the same template for every team. Go back to Umbro!

  1. waddle

UMBRO please !

  1. Exit the Lemming

Terrible kit design but you don't put marshmallows in a money box do you? England away should be as red as the Nike design team's faces

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