This is the new Huddersfield Town 2017-18 third football shirt by Puma.

One of Huddersfield Town’s iconic, cult favourite shirts has returned as the players unveiled one of the Club’s alternative kits for the 2017/18 Premier League season at Bury this afternoon.

The famous ‘Flash’ kit, famously worn by Eoin Hand and then Ian Ross’ Terriers between 1991 and 1993, has been reincarnated by kit manufacturer Puma for the Club’s return to the top flight.

Like the new 2017/18 home shirt, the new Puma flash kit features the logo of shirt sponsor OPE Sports on the front, with PURE Business Group on one sleeve and the Premier League logo on the other.

The shorts and socks for the kit are predominantly red with black detailing.

View the: Huddersfield Town 2017-18 Puma Home Kit

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  1. Cockney Tim

So Addersfield get into the prem and what happens they do that?

  1. Aj

Well along with pumas Argyle away kit that's up there with the worst of them....
The height of bad taste....

  1. Daniel-San

Very 1992. Shame it's 2017. Just doesn't work.

  1. KGMK
  1. DB

Glad you guys know nowt. A classic, iconic kit. Much better than the bubble stripe home kit. Yes very 90's but it's what you do on the pitch that matters. (Puma are poor this year though)

  1. piegrim    DB

Not with the Notts strips, they dun well there.

My opinion is this is poor execution of what coulda been a good harkback design but if yuh gunna pay homage to Nineties strips you should not copy-and-paste but rejig um.

  1. Moosey

Huddersfield will definitely be running in the 90s this season....

  1. JRRJ


  1. Craig

What a kit ?

  1. Craig

What a kit ?

  1. Wessex

Better viewed from a distance.

  1. Mad Jack McMad

This would have looked bad in the early 90's let alone now. Hopefully they won't be on TV very often or people are going to start thinking their sets are faulty

  1. KANG

Absolutely awful...looks like it was designed by an infant.

  1. Vileda

Huddersfield have such a rich history of terrible away kits that this could be the tip of the iceberg!

  1. Batistuta

Hall of shame then, hall of shame now

  1. OS Mockers

Fantastic! As good as Watford 15/16.
Puma is clearly winning 17/18. Huddersfield just got a new fan!!

  1. Shotmark

Great Puma kit although not quite as good as the Gola original. If it wasn't for the Bordeaux third kit I'd say this was Puma's kit of the season. (And I'm a Leeds fan)

  1. Gary    Shotmark

Being a Leeds fan explains your dreadful taste! The shirts as bad as they come!

  1. Gary smith

All puma kits are awful not just this one

  1. piegrim    Gary smith

Notts County 17-18, especially as you can get it unsponsored.

  1. Arlu

Oh, I get it. Huddersfield think they'll stay up this season by making other teams so violently sick that they don't have the strength to score against them.

  1. Jc

Premier league your having a laugh totally crap kit

  1. CD

Someone was designing the shirt on a physical canvas with paint. Another person walks in, trips, and then smears the top of the painting, thus ruining it. The head of the department walks in, notices that his son is the one that f'd up the painting and says, "oh, um, wow this is brilliant, let's just go with that!" And so Huddersfield walk into the Prem looking like absolute s***.

  1. REDS

Thats a crap kit.. who the hell designed it??!
Is it some new technical type fabric that puts off the opposition.. it might just work..
Good luck to the best team in west yorks

  1. Bobsuruncle'll be fine once they hose the pigeon shit off it.

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