The Delta V12S retains Mitre’s unique 12 panel construction that featured on the V12 model, offering enhanced aerodynamics, optimising the speed and accuracy of a shot. A more visible and recognisable graphic made up of non-organic shapes causes visual surface disruption ensuring maximum visibility from any angle.

The bright colour allows you to see the ball quicker, easier and at faster speeds. In addition to the launch of the standard Delta V12S, all 72 Football League clubs will receive their own customised match balls printed with club colours and crest.

The Nike Aero Three-In-One Select Jacket includes a powerful, water-repellent outer shell and interior jacket for versatile protection from the elements and total warmth. Multiple pockets and adjustable features on the shell deliver high function. Insulated panels and perforations on the interior provide lightweight comfort and breathability in colder conditions.