This is the new Nike PreCool Vest; not your average sports equipment, but it's very cool..

This is the new Nike PreCool Vest; not your average sports equipment, but it's very cool..A 1960s mini dress and medical packaging were the inspiration when it came to redesigning Nike's original PreCool Vest. First introduced at the Olympics in Athens, Nike wanted to make it lighter, more flexible, better fitting and refillable a tall order for a piece of equipment athletes have been praising since Athens.

The vest is designed to cool the body’s core temperature. Since 25% of our body’s total energy goes into moving muscle and 75% into regulating heat, reducing an athlete’s core temperature before the marathon or a field hockey match means more energy for the competition itself. Indeed, with core cooling, athletes can often last 21% longer. Given Beijing’s hot and humid conditions, the PreCool Vest is a key piece of equipment that can help provide the advantage an athlete needs.

Nike Virtual Park - glow in the dark spray paint

Unless you have easy access to stadium lighting, playing a quick game after dark can be nearly impossible. Designer Pierre Haulot has created the Virtual Park concep, a student project. Glow in the dark spray paint used to create goals, boundaries, a glowing ball and whatever else you need to keep the games going at night.

The idea is to consider this parameter not as a handicap but as a way to value the other senses, the imaginary and the imagination. The paint even disappears after two hours, and there will be no trace. The game is over. Have no limit, play anywhere!

Goal-line technology put on ice

At its Annual General Meeting today in Gleneagles, Scotland, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) has decided to put on ice goal-line technology and to stop tests in this area until further notice. Amongst others, the questions of the human aspect of the game, the universality of the Laws of the Game, as well as the simplicity and efficiency of the technology were taken into consideration.

However, the IFAB has approved a proposal from FIFA to conduct an experiment involving two additional assistant referees who will mainly focus on fouls and misconduct in the penalty area. The competition in which this test will be conducted will be decided at a later stage.

adidas and Samsung Launch Revolutionary Training System miCoach

At the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, two of the world’s leading brands, adidas and Samsung, announced their strategic partnership and unveiled the first product initiative as a result of the collaboration, called miCoach.

miCoach is a real-time training system designed to motivate, inspire and enable athletes at all levels to reach their training goals, whatever they may be.  It is the most advanced interactive training system by collecting and turning personal data into individual training plans based on one’s fitness level and specific goals.  This unique partnership combines the expertise of Samsung in mobile technology and communications with adidas’ leadership in innovation for sport.