A seamless surface built from high-end materials gives this football true flight and tight control. It has passed the rigorous FIFA tests on shape, weight, rebound and water absorption. Thermally bonded seamless surface for a more predictable trajectory, better touch and lower water uptake

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Fast players need fast gear. Gear that feels like no gear at all. Like this men?s football training tee, a light-makes-fast design that flashes Messi details, in celebration of one of the fastest players on the pitch. As you?re speeding up and down the field, the t-shirt?s strategic climacool? ventilation helps you stay cool, dry and focused so you can outsmart your opponent and score your very own goal of the century.

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Adidas UEFA Champions League Finale Lisbon Official Match Ball

This is the new adidas Champions League Finale Lisbon Match Ball.

Available at Kitbag and Adidas

The design inspiration of the ball this year is a celebration of Portugal´s legacy as a proud sea going nation. The different shades of blue reflect the importance that both sky and sea have played in Lisbon's nautical history. The orange is a testament to the capital city's orange-roofed houses, which can be seen from the numerous viewpoints scattered throughout Lisbon´s several hills.


This is the new Nike Ordem football which is available here.

Coloured yellow, orange, black and green, the ball features "Fuse-Welded" panels, NIKE AEROW TRAC grooves for aerodynamics and Nike RaDaR technology to aid visibility.

Adidas Brazuca World Cup 2014 Match Ball

Adidas today unveiled brazuca, the official 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil match ball which is available here.

brazuca was named back in September 2012 following a public vote in Brazil involving 1 million football fans; the name "brazuca" is an informal local term which means "Brazilian", or to describe the Brazilian way of life. The colours and ribbon design of the ball panels symbolise the traditional multi-coloured wish bracelets worn in the country (fita do Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia), in addition to reflecting the vibrancy and fun associated with football in Brazil.

Adidas Torfabrik Bundesliga 13/14 Match Ball

Adidas have unveiled the latest 'TORFABRIK' football, the new official matchball that will be used in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 in the 2013/14 season which will be available here.

The Meisterschale, presented to the top-flight champions, is perhaps the most recognised symbol of the Bundesliga and it is from the famous trophy that the new ball takes its inspiration. An additional feature is the striking orange colour.

Nike CR7

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