To celebrate the start of the 2019 season, long-standing partners adidas and Major League Soccer presented their 2019 team jerseys out of the field and on to the runway.

The two houses came together to show that uniforms are not only meant for players and sports fans but can be worn from the stadium to the street and accessed by a wider style community to symbolize city identity and pride.

Blackpool Football Club is offering supporters the opportunity to vote on the new away kit that the team will wear for the 2019-20 season.

To be manufactured by Errea, a retro theme has been applied to the designs for next season, with your opinion valued on the following two options:


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For home matches, the FFF women will dress in a traditional blue shirt with rose gold details, including crest, FFF marking at the back of the neck and the words “Nos Différences Nous Unissent” within.

The Tricolore is represented subtly on the sleeve, while the kit’s white shorts and red socks articulate the famous bleu, blanc and rouge from head to toe.

The France Women’s away kit, white shirt and socks paired with blue shorts carries a unique hexadot pattern referencing both the country’s informal nickname (l'hexagone) and the dotted styles of French fashion.

It shares the same interior detail (“Nos Différences Nous Unissent”), rose gold detailing and Art Deco font as the home kit.

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