Barcelona and Nike revealed their new Home kit for the 2021-22 season.

FC Barcelona's 2021-22 home kit brings a fresh perspective to Blaugrana identity, featuring a design with a reimagined stripe layout and material made of 100 percent recycled polyester fabric.

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The club shorts are half blue and half garnet and pair with matching striped socks. Pale ivory accents are incorporated into the Swoosh and the kit's lettering. The back of the neck is inspired by the club's Senyera heritage, modified from red stripes over a yellow base.

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Avatar Default Lightning
 · 3 days ago
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Avatar Default Red 161
 · 5 days ago
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US. Company Nike surpassing themselves again. They are the anti style of football kit makers .
Looks computer generated and lacks soul.
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  • Avatar Default
    Red161 5 days ago
    I thought it was a bad shirt but then i saw the shirts .....are Nike designers having a bubble.
    • Avatar Default
      Red161 5 days ago
Avatar Default Natas
 · 6 days ago
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What the hell did I just look at???
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  • Avatar Default
    Natas 4 days ago
    21/22 Barcelona home kit
    Are you blind???
    • Avatar Default
      Lightning 3 days ago
Avatar Default Lightning
 · 4 days ago
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  • Avatar Default
    Lightning 4 days ago

Comments (36)

  1. JK

Wow, that whole shirt is a mess. Nike is really bad at designing football shirts

  1. VInnyL

Holy crap, thats got to be fake!? What the hell is thay!? Nike are even more shocking than they have been in previous seasons. My good lord that is disgusting.


That’s a busy old shirt!

  1. Red Che

Congratulations Nike for reaching a new low, a well deserved accolade for a company who can't get worse......or can they?

  1. ]-[ ][

ROFL, wait until he posts the shorts for peak comedy

  1. Shirley Valentine

Nevermind the design, the colours seem a bit off to me?

  1. noname

People need to understand that it's not entirely Nike's decision to design jerseys. It's mostly up to the club's decision and ideas. There are still decent and nice Nike kits from other clubs. People are so judgemental when it comes to club's jersey design as if y'all can design them better.

  1. QPRPaul    noname

We all can design them better than that monstrosity. My three year old has just done a much better version while i've been typing this.

  1. VinnyL    noname

Someone still signed off on this and it’s shocking!! Chelsea’s, Liverpool’s, this monstrosity, my cat could throw up better looking shirts

  1. AndyPandy

The clumsy shirt design reflects the turmoil at the club; their finances are in shreds and the playing staff are not what they were. They need a simple 1960's-esque design and for the club to rediscover their purpose and to start repairing the finances.

  1. It333

And you haven't seen the shorts yet!

  1. zebio

Looks like something S****horpe United might wear ?

  1. Dave

Trash trash trash

  1. Oliver

I always wonder how people just decide what’s shit. Anything by adidas or Nike is immediately shit for everyone on here, anything by low end brands like new balance or Umbro is always talked up. This is odd but if nb did it people would be lauding it as ‘not just the same old design as Nike or adidas’

  1. Itzu    Oliver

Well, smaller brands like Umbro make an effort to take into account the identity and the tradition of the clubd they design for, and these things matter to fans. Adidas and Nike seem more interested in promoting their brand Identity over that of the club they design for.

  1. WiganSpurs

Kit designer: "So, have you got any suggestions for your new kit?"
Barcelona: "Either half and half, thick stripes, thin stripes, super super thin stripes, or a pattern within it? And we can't decide between blue or red shorts..."
Kit designer: "I hear you, leave it with me..."

  1. UTS

Well done Nike. Making Barcelona look like a knock of S****horpe United haha.

Nike are by the far the worst kit supplier around, and the price they charge for the t shirt which looks like the players shirt is ridiculous. So ill fitting too.

Horrendous shirt made worse the shorts.

  1. Tim Biscuit

I see what they are doing. It mimics the different parts of the badge. The problem is it just doesn't look very good.

  1. piegrim

The only good thing about this is seeing Joan Laporta back as President, under him Barça paid money to Unicef to have them on the shirt but I can't believe this absolute pile of shite (and this is after two of the worst strips Nike did (súper thin, tapering lines and the anathema of hoops). Make the shirts in Catalunya (Meyba, maybe?) and make them honour the shirt and Joan Gamper.

  1. Blue’n’red

Looks like it was designed by Julian Clary whilst suffering from a migraine

  1. Punkx

Oh my.. the really F***ed up the shirt??‍?

  1. Bob24

I get that it's hard to create new striped designs every year, but Nike choose the worst possible alternatives year after year.

  1. zebio

The conversation between the kit designer and the club merchandising department reminds me of an old joke which still makes me laugh...

A man walks into the barber shop sits in the chair and says "I want it uneven on the top and the sideburn on the left to be longer than the one on the right. Where you have trimmed it on the right just above the ear I want a little bald spot. The fringe can be left uneven to look like a sharks tooth and you can leave all the split ends at the back on the neck"

Barber replies "What the hell? Who do you think I am? I can't do that"

Man replies "Is that so? Well you did it last time!"

  1. PNH

I've just seen the whole kit including the shorts - is this really not a spoof?

  1. QPRPaul

Hahaha I just can't stop laughing at this joke of a kit. I feel so sorry for Barca fans being embarrassed by their club like this. No wonder they can't get any top players to play for them anymore. They'd have to pay me at least a million to wear this monstrosity and I can hardly kick a ball. It's such a shame coz they have the potential to have one of the best kits in the world aswell. Why would the club do this to their loyal fans?

  1. Trousers

Hopefully there will be fewer little kids running about in this one.

  1. Get Shirty

Oh dear, what an absolute mess.

  1. Seagull Steve

Someone at Nike heard "Messi" and thought it was a suggestion...

  1. Raid


  1. RED161

Nike are clueless ..crap "designs"... cheaply made crap ...stick to making baseball kits ...

  1. .

this will make messi leave for the shame of wearing barca jersey, good job nike.

  1. Sal Dali

I believe this shirt was designed by a few different designers (if you can even call them that!). Each one wanted a bit of their designs included. Ended up looking like a madman's breakfast!!!

  1. Ben

The kit looks like an outfit a clown would wear

  1. Buster105e

This kit looks like it was designed by Stevie Wonder in the midst of an epileptic fit

  1. Dave

Thanks for the migraine!

  1. stepping_stones000

I actually really like it... think the blue should either be a dit darker or keep the lighter blue but incorporate some navy into the design eg on the collar cuffs etc...

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